Building Better Care

At Premier Medical Associates, the quality and efficient delivery of care to our more than 100,000 patients is the central focus of the doctors, clinical staff and management.

Whether it is a face-to-face care of an individual patient or a business decision for the operations of the company, we start and end with the question, “Will this provide better care for our patients?”

Building Better Care is our public promise to our community. More importantly, it is the vision of our doctors and the foundation for our culture.

How Does Premier build better care?

Our approach to patient care –

Each patient has a unique set of circumstances, so each visit is patient-centered. Our doctors practice medicine with a coordinated and collaborative approach to assess the optimal care needed for the patent. In short, the right care at the right place and time.

We value proactive care to prevent unnecessary tests, office and emergency room visits and hospital stays.

We develop relationships with our patients so we can support the management of their health for acute needs and throughout difficult chronic conditions.

Our approach to technology -

We invest in technology. Electronic prescription capabilities and implementing the latest EHR (Electronic Health Record) platform are worthwhile investments that are monumental to implement.

Electronic health records allow company-wide accessibility of your health information. If you need to visit other locations and other specialists within Premier, your full information is available at all times.

Further, these technologies allow us to track critical patient data that will lead to improvements and advancements in care and the treatment of certain illnesses.

Our approach to service and corporate culture –

We value that you entrust your care to us. We recognize that you are in need when you reach us, and we regard that is vital and important. We will give you our full attention on the phone and in person. Our doctors, clinical staff, office staff and management - all represent your care team.

Our employees will tell you that Premier is a family. We regard our corporate culture as a precious asset that must be protected. We hope that our service to you is a reflection of the high regard that we give to one another throughout the day.