Family Medicine

Patients and their family members can seek care from one provider or a common group of providers within our Family Medicine Division.

Family medicine is devoted to providing care to the individual and the family across all ages, genders, diseases and parts of the body. Patients receive continuous, comprehensive care their entire lives and develop strong relationships with their physicians – an invaluable aspect that distinguishes this specialty from all others.

Family physicians utilize their knowledge of biological, clinical and behavioral sciences to provide preventative care and promote wellness to patients. They focus on whole-body wellness, with consideration given to both the physical and mental health. As with all Premier primary care divisions, they serve as patient’s advocate on all health care matters including appropriate use of specialists and health resources.

Unlike adult primary care (Internal Medicine), our Family Medicine Division offers pediatric, gynecological and orthopedic (manipulation) care to patients. Family medicine is offered in five locations with select evening hours and Saturday hours.

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